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           Pharrell Williams, a music producer and rapper, and Nigo teamed up with louis vuitton uk in 2004 to launch their first sunglass collection in 2005 named he Millionaire.?Last year the fine jewelry collection, Blason, drew out his design talents again. This collection, designed in collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Camille Miceli, the creative consultant of Louis Vuitton, actually is the symbol of a dynasty, synonymous with a coat of arms and originates from French Heraldry.  louis vuitton uk

           Blason is a collection of avant-garde pieces inspired by he music universe?and features combinations of white gold with diamonds and yellow gold with diamonds. Personally, the most charming one is the Crown Bracelet. The Crown features exceptional pieces that epitomized cheap louis vuitton bags  The stunning bracelet alternates diamond-set crowns and coats of arms. It comes in two different styles. 

          One is made of pink gold set with 478 diamonds, tsavorits, and pink, blue and yellow sapphires while the other of white gold set with 362 round diamonds and 116 baguette diamonds. The crown and coat of arms motifs are both linked by Monogram flowers. Such a gorgeous and luxury must be the dream of many women. dior bags, the official only mentions rice on request? I guess it would be astronomical figures.  

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